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~Turn your worries into joy~




This is our mission.

The meaning of this phrase is that we share our clients’ daily worries, and based on our know-how, we provide various solutions to solve their problems and turn their worries into joy. That’s what we want to do.

If you want to turn your problems into joy, please contact us!

ようこそ!!Reasummit のホームページへ!!!
Welcome!! to our Reasummit Homepage!!!

Reasummit では、海外製品の輸入、自社ブランド製品(ブランド名:goolish)の販売、日本商品の輸出などの貿易業、物販業を中心に、Web関連事業、日本に所在する不動産の英文評価レポートなどを行っております。


  • 不動産関連業務(売買・賃貸・開発・運用・調査・評価・コンサル)
  • 経理、財務業務(会計処理・金融機関との折衝・資金調達)
  • IT関連業務(HP/LP制作、DX:デジタルトランスフォーメーション推進、簡易なプログラミング業務・RPAロボット制作)
  • 新規事業企画立案/業界調査



At Reasummit, we focus on trading and product sales, such as importing overseas products, selling our own brand products (brand name: goolish), and exporting Japanese products, as well as web-related businesses and English valuation reports for real estate located in Japan.

Our representative has a wide range of business experience as follows.

Real estate related services (purchase and sale, leasing, development, operation, research, valuation, consulting)
Accounting and finance (accounting processing, negotiations with financial institutions, fundraising)
IT-related operations (HP/LP production, DX: Digital Transformation promotion, simple programming operations, RPA robot production)
New business planning/industry research

In addition to my current main duties, I believe I can be useful in a variety of situations with my wide range of experience as described above.

It was 2008 when Japan entered a trend of population decline. My main clients are small companies, sole proprietors, and professionals who have no choice but to run their companies with a small number of people as it becomes more and more difficult to secure human resources every year.

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If you are interested, please contact us for more information!

2021年4月16日 Reasummitのホームページを開設しました!!!

April 16, 2021 Reasummit’s website is up and running!